How Can I Get Experience?



Get Work Experience on Campus with Student Employment

Find out how you can get work experience on campus with Student Employment - Regular Wage or Federal Work Study. Regular Student Employment is available to any eligible student. Students must have a Federal Work Study award to apply for work study positions. Students who do not have a Federal Work Study award may contact a financial aid representative to see if they qualify.

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Talk to Your Advisor About Clinicals or Internships Available to You

Make an appointment with your Advisor to learn more about clinicals or internships available to you. Some programs require clinicals or an internship so make sure to check with your Advisor, as it varies from program to program. In many cases, the internship course can be taken as an elective, which is a great option. Having an internship on your transcript in place of another elective (say, pottery) is much more impressive. It will also help build your resume and network.

Make an Appointment with an Advisor

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ASPM All Serive Plastic Molding, Inc. Intern



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