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Focus 2

Use the Focus 2 online tool to help you connect your education path to jobs that interest you.

When you visit the Focus 2 website, be sure to scroll down to “Explore the Possibilities” to:

  • Learn what you can do with a particular major at Sinclair
  • Explore any Area of Study that interests you
  • Would you like some help?
    • If you’re sure of your program choice, schedule a session with an Academic Advisor to help you set goals, learn more about your program and get a MAP
    • If the occupation that interests you has education requirements beyond a 2-year degree, be sure to see an Academic Advisor to develop your transfer plan
    • If you’re trying to choose between programs, see a Career Advisor to help you compare your choices

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Transfer Student Services and Transfer Agreements

For students planning to attend a community college as a stepping stone to university, there are few better places to start than Sinclair College: Nearly 3,000 students transfer from Sinclair each year. And, transfer admission to any Ohio state university is guaranteed for Ohio residents who have completed an associate degree! Over 30% of Sinclair students plan to transfer after competing their degree. Sinclair has outgoing articulation agreements with other colleges and universities and general education Ohio Transfer Module (OTM) courses that are guaranteed to transfer to any of Ohio’s public institutions of higher education as an area credit, as well as equivalent courses in English and Mathematics.

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